Integrated Management

System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

The Integrated Management System Policy of EL-KOM Elektronik Ltd.Şti which is active in the electronics sector and which design, manufacture and sell wound circuit components and constant voltage and current power supply circuits is as follows:

- The requirements of integrated managment system that comply with legal conditions, customers requirements, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standarts are applied. 
- Accurate production in accordance with national / international standards and norms.
- Delivery in accordance with the time and quantities determined by our customers.
- Identifying risks and opportunities related to internal and external issues, making analyzes and ensuring continuous development.
- To constantly monitor, measure and analyze our products and processes.
- To make technological investments and periodic maintenance to increase quality and productivity, to reduce quality costs and waste, to use educated and conscious human resources and to supply quality materials.
- To increase the level of consciousness and awareness of our employees through continuous trainings, to adopt team spirit and to provide customer satisfaction oriented business sense.
- To add new values to every project while analysis of market and R&D studies, to design priory and effective products for competition to produce for bigger marker share. 
- For being transmitted of sesitive generation against climate change, clean and healthy environment; to take actions about increasing of envitonment awereness of our employees, community and our suppliers.
- To reduce minimum negative environmental effects at all fields during life cycle, to decrease wastes, and to prevent wastes, and to prevent waste production in source. 
- To use energ and natural resources efficiently for priority of climate change and sustainability at all fileds.

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